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Welcome to one of South Asia’s fastest growing capital markets

Capital Market Overview/Market Highlights

The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) is the nucleus of Sri Lanka’s capital market as the licensed operator of the stock market. We are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (SEC) and was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee over 35 years ago. Over the years, the Sri Lankan capital market has experienced numerous decisive and beneficial outcomes as a result of a progressive journey complemented with the joint efforts of all stakeholders. At this critical juncture in our country's history, we continue to see ourselves as active participants in economy.

A Strong Base of Stakeholders

  • Stockbroker network of 15 members and 13 Trading members
  • 287 Listed companies Across 19 Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) industry groups
  • Diversified pool of over 700,000 individual and institutional investors
Welcoming Policy Environment

Since 1992, CSE has been equipped with level playing field for local and foreign investors and an easy opening of accounts.

The Inward Remittance Account, or the Inward Investment Account, a bank account system which has been in place since 1992, in different forms for an extended period without interruption.

Zero capital gains and zero dividend withholding tax for foreigners

Investor settlement risk mechanism through proposed DvP system

The CSE acts as a conduit of both equity and debt capital and provides the necessary market infrastructure to buyers and sellers in order to transact. Our main trading infrastructure comprises the Automated Trading System (ATS), a multi-asset class, scalable and versatile platform supporting future growth efforts. Our post-trade services comprise central securities depository based clearing (CSD Clearing), settlement and safekeeping provided through a fully owned subsidiary, Central Depository Systems (Private) Limited (CDS).

The CSE also provides real time and reference market data to vendors and other users. We are committed towards conducting trading oversight to ensure the fairness and integrity of the Sri Lankan capital market.

A Vibrant Stock Exchange with Evolving Infrastructure

Year 2020

  • Facilitating Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in 2020

Year 2021

  • Implementation of the Delivery Versus Payments (DVP) clearing & settlement mechanism for Equity trading and settlement in 2021
  • Introduction of OTC Platform for REPO Transactions in 2021
  • Gold based products
  • Enabling Local companies to list foreign currency denominated shares

Year 2021 & Onwards

  • Mortgage backed securities
  • Stock borrow lending and overnight short selling
  • CCP or a Central Counterparty System to help reduce the risk of trading
Hyper-Leap to the Future

CSE and SEC together launched and industry-wide digitization initiative titled “Hyper-Leap to the Future” to provide 24/7 access and convenience for investors and the facilitation of fully remote functioning of all stock market operations for the first time in history.

The CSE Mobile App was launched in September 2020 as a joint committee of SEC and CSE following the digitalization of end to end operations of the Sri Lankan Stock Market. The CSE Mobile App benefits in broad basing the younger investors by providing Accessibility and Convenience.

The wealth of exclusive features of the CSE Mobile App include:

Promising Growth Potential at the Exchange

  • Strong current market position
    $4 Tn market cap with 287 companies | __% market cap to GDP | 22% foreign equity holding by value
  • Growing capital market
    Attractive index returns: 11% growth in benchmark ASPI in 2020; ASPI growth of 5% |highest turnover velocity at 45% as of March 2021 | Ease of entry with low P/E ratio: 11 Sri Lanka | Higher dividend yield: 2.7% compared to emerging markets in South Asia
  • Record-breaking profitability amidst a global pandemic
    Widening investor base backed by wide-scale digitization: 55% increase in new investor registrations in 2021 | Significant capital raising interest: Highest number of Equity IPOs | Highest ever ASPI/Market Cap and Annual Turnover Recorded in 2021